Kansas drivers illegally passed 1,040 school buses in 1 day, survey shows

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A one-day test last spring showed more than 1,000 drivers illegally passed stopped school buses in Kansas. 

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the test done in April included only three-fourths of Kansas school districts and that 1,040 of 3,300 buses involved were improperly passed. No children were injured.

Kansas Board of Education representative Jim Porter told the Journal that the appalling thing is that 19 drivers passed on the right side of the bus. 

Drivers in Kansas are required by law to come to a complete stop when approaching a stopped school bus displaying its flashing lights and stop arm. All traffic in both directions must stop, whether on a two- or four-lane road. 

On a divided highway with a median separation, traffic approaching the bus from behind must stop. Motorists are to remain idled until the bus is no longer displaying its flashing lights and stop arm.

Violation of the law endangers children and is also punishable by a fine and court costs in excess of $420.

Here are the results of the survey from the last three years

  • 2019: 200 districts operating 3,300 buses, 1,040 violations
  • 2018: 214 districts operating 3,347 buses, 1,030 violations
  • 2017: 188 districts operating 2,527 buses, 691 violations