ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: Dog food that appears to be expired and blue-green algae in local lakes


The expiration date you never think to look at and local lakes--when can you jump back in?

You're asking us those questions this week.

Kristen, from Wichita reached out to KAKE-TV on Facebook, sharing a picture of a bag of dog food she fed to her dog. Later, she says her dog had a seizure.

The expiration date appeared to show 2008, but a quick call to Pedigree told us the "best by" date uses a two-number year. The last three digits on the dog food bag are the plant code, where the food was manufactured.

When we called Kristen to tell her the news, she was glad her local grocer wasn't stacking decade-old food.

Kennedy asked about the blue-green algae warnings for local lakes.

She wanted to know "if there was still an algae problem at Lake Afton."

A look at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's website tells us Lake Afton is still under a warning.

A warning means harmful algae is expected or present.

The KDHE says you should avoid any contact with water, including fishing and boating.

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