Grapefruit-sized hail breaks Colorado record

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A Colorado state record was broken this week after a grapefruit-sized hailstone fell near the near the Kansas state line.

The record-breaking hail was found Tuesday in Bethune, about 20 miles west of Kansas. KMGH reports that after 30 minutes of melting, the hailstone measured 4.83 inches in diameter by the Colorado Climate Center and the National Weather Service in Goodland, Kansas.

The hailstone weighed 8.5 ounces and had a circumference of just under 13 inches.

"Photos show that it was even larger when it fell (and was about 30 mins between when it fell and was put in the freezer), so there is still work to do to formalize and finalize the values. But it's clear that this will be a new record for Colorado!" the Colorado Climate Center said on Facebook.

The ABC affiliate in Denver reports the previous record was 4.5 inches, a hail size that had been reported 20 times since 1971.

As far as large hail in Kansas goes, the heaviest, 1.65 pounds, fell in Coffeyville in September of 1970. The one with the largest diameter, 7.75 inches, fell near Pawnee and 119th Street in Wichita on September 15, 2010. That's according to the National Weather Service.