Wichita woman comes face to face with burglar at her home


A Wichita woman came face to face with a burglar in her own backyard Sunday in south Wichita after coming home from shopping and doing laundry.

Wahnee Heffelman said it was an ordinary day when she got home and unlocked her gate. Until she looked at her back door and a man was standing there with her belongings. Now when she unlocks it, it brings up that memory.

"It's an unsettling feeling," Heffelman said.

However, she said fear wasn't the first thing that entered her mind when she saw him.

"I'll tell you what, I got mad, I got very, very mad," she said. "I was going to get him. I was going to take him down."

He pried open her front window to get inside, and Heffelman said he cut a hole in her fence to take her things out the back door and to the street in pillow cases. One time he came out the door, she was standing right in her gate, witnessing her stuff being stolen.

"He looked both ways, and then we locked eyes,"  she said. "I started screaming at him, 'Who the hell are you?' and 'Get the hell out of my house.'"

Straight from her back door, she said the burglar charged at her and hit her in the mouth. After hitting her, she said he went straight for her car that was parked outside the gate and came after her.

"He was in the car and he started coming at me, and I had to dive over this way," Heffelman said. "He missed me by about an inch of running me down."

It didn't stop there. He drove around the backyard and tried to hit her again. 

"That's what he tried to do, was he tried to mow me down two times with my own car," she said.

He then stole her car, speeding out of the gate and hitting it on the way out. Since Sunday she has cleaned up the mess he left inside.

"It was completely ransacked," Heffelman said.

Police found the car abandoned later. She said he stole her purse and money out of there while taking priceless family items and cleaning supplies out of her home. Now, she has camera's on her front and back porch, and in case it happens again, she said her plan to stop it has changed.

"I probably won't try to go down with a fight," she said.

She described to police that the man was a 30-year-old bald, black male that stood about 5 feet 8 inches tall and was of medium build. Anyone with information on the incident can call the Wichita Police Departments Investigations Division at 316-268-4407 or they can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 316-267-2111.