Wichita native Blake Bell making a push to be the Chiefs backup tight end

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Blake Bell continues to fight for a roster spot with the Chiefs. The Wichita native was listed as the third string tight end in the latest depth chart released, but he had a solid showing in his preseason debut with Kansas City. 

We know that Travis Kelce is the starter but who will the Chiefs use behind him? Right now Deon Yelder and the former Bishop Carroll star are in the mix to fill that need. 

Against the Bengals, Yelder played more snaps than anyone on the team but Bell made the most of his time on the field. 

"Blake is a smart guy, someone who has been in the league a long time," said Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes. "He really understands the offense fairly quickly and so to have them out there and to get him the ball and see him make an athletic play like that was good to see."

Bell was the first tight end in once Kelce was taken out and he caught two balls for 37 yards, which led the Chiefs in receiving.

"He has some explosiveness to him. He's a big body. Kind of a weird athlete like myself where it's not a traditional break here and there. He has a very unique running style in terms of running routes and stuff like that," said Kelce. "In the run game, him throwing his body around, not being shy on contact; that's something we can really use on this team."