Goats hired to control weeds in Wichita

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A tribe from Longton has been hired to control weeds at a home in Wichita.

"We had them out last year. It was actually much thicker and we had a bunch of poison ivy, so we couldn't get very near it," said Greg Elkins.

Once again, he called Mary Powell with Barnyard Weed Warriors.

"I get mail addressed to me, to the crazy goat lady, which doesn't bother me at all," said Powell with a smile.

This morning, Powell brought 65 of her goats on a trailer to the job. 

"This method is so important because it's chemical free. We are an all natural weed and brush control business," said Powell.

When she turned 50, Powell decided to open this business. 

"I'm happy that I can make people smile, and provide a service and feed my goats for free," said the 53-year-old business owner.

This is a service that homeowners appreciate, especially those who are allergic to poison ivy.

"The goats work great. You don't have to worry about pesticides and stuff you don't want dead. They come in and they're real quiet, except for that bell," said Elkins.

To contact Barnyard Weed Warriors on their website, click here, or Facebook, click here, or call (785) 531-0331.