Man kicks stranger's dog 15 feet into the air in unprovoked attack: Police

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Police say a homeless man known for a disturbing beachgoers in California kicked a stranger's dog 15 feet in the air, causing the animal's lung to collapse and displacing its heart.

Police told KABC that Dylan McTaggert is a transient and has a history of disturbing people on the beach in Port Hueneme. McTaggert is accused of kicking a dog named Sophie without provocation.

The dog went into shock and was rendered unconscious. Police say Sophie was kicked so hard she suffered severe injuries including a collapsed lung and displaced heart.

Police say McTaggert was fighting with Port Hueneme lifeguards when they arrived on scene.

He was arrested after a short foot chase and is currently on probation for assaulting officers and shoplifting. 

Sophie is back at home and being cared for by her owner.