Mulvane accepting school supplies for fines

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"I think something positive out of anything negative is a wonderful thing out of anything that is a negative experience is a wonderful thing. This is what we do in a small town, we help out."

Carol Irvine is always hoping to avoid traffic tickets, but this month Mulvane is offering a unique way to help pay them off, and help others in the process.

"If you had fines and fees of 120 dollars, you provide the receipt and new schools supplies of 20 dollars, you get the credit of the 20 dollars spent on the supplies plus you get another 20 dollars credit so you'd have to pay the remaining 80 dollars," says Gordon Fell, Director of Public Safety.

Breuana Walker is the catalyst behind this. She saw other communities doing it, and knew hers would be on board.

"If it helps our court defendants get their fines payed off a little bit sooner that would be great. And it also helps the community with the kids who might not get to bring school supplies, or teachers who need extra supplies as well."

Walker hopes it brings a silver lining to those dreaded fines, and lifts a negative stigma.

"It's not always bad coming to court! We do have some good."

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