Andover football team conditioning for the heat

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With a heat index of 105 degrees in Kansas, most were inside staying cool, but not the Andover Football team. 

"It's getting pretty bad. It's humid out here," says Junior, Ashton Young. 

The team started practicing around 4:30, just as temperatures were soaring over 100 degrees, but drill after drill, the boys showed nothing but commitment. 

"I'm excited because I've been out here all summer on my own," says Junior, Josh Sparks. 

The head coach says he knows workouts are tough, but the team has to work.

"A day like today's perfect to get them out here in 100 degree weather, really get them used to conditioning in this kind of weather, that way when they put pads on they're ready to go," says Cade Armstrong.

He also knows how to keep the team safe, never working them longer than 15 minutes at a time, and making sure they're hydrated.

"Hydration is the biggest key to staying healthy, I know that," says Junior, David Kemp.