Wichita Public Schools receive grant to advance security

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Wichita Public Schools start classes this week and the district talked on Monday about new security steps they're taking.

As a mom and a kindergarten teacher, Lisa Beun knows the stress of safety at school all too well, "if anything were to happen in the building, we try to make sure that it is not scary to them and we try to really protect their feelings and emotions in that as well." 

Wichita Public Schools received a grant for $921,000 last month from the state of Kansas all for advancing security in the classroom. The money will go to new cameras, classroom locks, advanced training and more. 

"We live in a scary time where you're kind of uncertain about different things or what might happen, but it really makes me feel a lot more confident as a staff member and as a parent to have all of these different safety measures implemented in our building," says Buen.

With school starting right around the corner, school officials say they are working to make students safer than ever before. 

"So all the things that we try to do in regards to security upgrades are done from an all hazards approach, not just from that single violent intruder approach," says Terri Moses, the Division Director of Safety and Environmental Services for Wichita Public Schools.

Moses says there are already some safety plans put in place that are working. But with the money from the state, the school district can now advance other areas like their camera security systems, "anybody who has looked at a camera knows that in terms of getting details in regards to what somebody is wearing, maybe what their shirt says, certainly a tag number, all of that is going to be enhanced when you got to digital technology."

Beun says she hopes parents have some piece of mind knowing she is watching after their kids, "everybody is here to keep the kids safe and their safety is our number one priority."