Team name game is still talk of the town

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On KFH Sports Radio’s The Drive, one of the topics was still Wichita baseball.

“It obviously was something that Wichita baseball planned out, wanted to roll it out this way,” said Bob Lutz. “You can agree or disagree if it was the right way, but here we are talking about it.

Lutz and his son Jeff, co-host the program every afternoon. They both admit that when Wichita Baseball 2020 changed the names of social media, profile pictures and posted announcements, it got their attention, too.

“I think this is their way of being playful. Now did it work? Some of the media outlets took it verbatim,” he said. “They saw it on the website and went with it and no reason, really, not to.”

While many saw the changes as a final decision, Jeff Lutz didn’t. And more than an hour later, the team came forward to confirm the logo released was just one of seven choices selected for a final round of consideration.

'River Riders' mock-up: Wichita baseball team name not set yet

But the lengths the team went to, changing all of the accounts, is what confused so many. But Wichita Baseball 2020 said there was method other then deceit.

“The passion of the community really brought out everything else,” said Bob Moullett.

About three hours later, Miss Kansas, who is working with the team, broke the news formally. But if a poll taken during Lutz’s radio show was any indication, the public didn’t think this was a home run.

“In our poll, it averaged 2.74 on a 10 point scale. So thumbs down,” they said at the end of their radio show Thursday evening.