'River Riders' mock-up: Wichita baseball team name not set yet

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When Wichita Baseball 2020 changed its picture to a logo with a team name, just about everyone assumed the name had been picked. Then more pieces and details came to light and we realized what the team was up to.

There have 3,000 submissions for this new team's name. If you were on Twitter at all this morning, your feed was probably filled with the name 'River Riders' - but that's just one of seven submitted as a potential name. 

We'll have to wait until mid November for the release of the baseball team's official name and logo. This morning was simply a mock-up. 

Now, every two weeks the city will release different mock-ups of the other 6 options for names and logos.

The official logo will be designed by Todd Radom. He's done work for the NFL and NBA. Although the branding team has to remain tight-lipped about what it'll be, they do tell us it'll be representative of Wichita.

Once it's finished the stadium will be filled with fans chanting the new team name. Opening day is 249 days away.