ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: Coyote sightings and health screening company

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Coyotes are a common sighting, as humans build houses on their natural habitats.

But they can still be scary to see.

Georganna, who lives in Benjamin Hills, e-mailed KAKE News, saying, 

"This morning at about 5:00 a.m., my husband saw a large coyote in our driveway. Is there nothing we can do?"

Georganna, we spoke with officials at the Kansas Department of Wildlife, who gave us a few tip:

  1. Don't feed the coyotes. It causes the animals to lose their natural fear of humans.
  2. Don't leave dog or cat food outside.
  3. If you see a coyote, make some noise; scream, toss rocks or a stick to scare the animals away.

Officials did tell us removing coyotes from an area is rarely done, but they also note coyote-hunting season is year round.

More information from the department can be found here.

Next, Paul e-mailed KAKE News to ask about a company called Lifeline Screening. Paul wanted to know is it a scam?

The answer is no; it's a legitimate company.

Lifeline Screening is one of many companies that travel to churches, workplaces and community centers to test for issues like arterial blockage.

After a quick google search, we did find talk about the necessity of their tests, so it's best to call your doctor and discuss your health needs before shelling out money for screenings.

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