Green June Beetles invasion in Wichita

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There is an abundance of Green June Beetles in Wichita and surrounding area.

"The Green June Beetle is something that we often see every year in Kansas. Some years, we see more of them than other years. This year, we've seen a lot of beetles out. Last year, we had a lot of questions about very large grubs," said Matt McKernan with the Sedgwick County Extension Center.

The Green June Beetles are about an inch to 3/4 of an inch in length.

"People really notice these beetles because they have a very loud buzzing sound as they fly around," said McKernan. "They're also really poor navigators, so they're bumping into the house, flying by people's faces. That makes them really intimidating, even though they're not much concern to human health or safety."

People are mistaking these beetles with the more damaging kind known as a Japanese Beetles, which have white spots, about half an inch in length, and are predominately in northeast Kansas. 

In Wichita, people are mainly seeing Green June Beetles. They are most active during the day and are located around fruits.

"The Green June Beetles shouldn't be killing off trees because it really focuses on eating fruit as an adult," said McKernan.

"The Green June Beetle itself is really not harmful. Typically, this beetle feeds on rotten fruit, so if you have fruit trees, things like peaches, pears, apples, you may see them feeding on the fruit in your tree."

One way to get rid of these beetles is to treat your lawn before the grubs become full grown beetles.

If you have specific questions, call the Extension Center at (316) 660-0100 or visit them at the southeast corner of 21st Street and Ridge Road.

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