Parents want a traffic light near Hutchinson middle school

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A busy intersection near Prairie Hills Middle School in Hutchinson has parents worried for their children's safety. In just over a week, the intersection at 30th and Lucille is going to be flooded with drivers.

"So i think that traffic is going to be double what it ever has been before," says Wendy Neil, a parent with a child going into eighth grade. 

The area will see an overflow of traffic because of a road closure near the middle school. The city of Hutchinson said it would put in a traffic light if the school split the cost. But, the school board decided not to pay half of the $13,000 cost, instead  choosing to use the money for educational purposes.

"I definitely would like to see it go in. I think that it's important for the safety our parents and students and our staff as they're going, says Neil. 

School officials are now depending on parents' help with the congestion, due to a bridge repair just north of the school.  "Our middle school principal is really working with parents to try to kind of stagger the pick up so that people can have a little bit less way to a little bit less traffic jam at pick up time," says Mike Berblinger, the Buhler School District superintendent. 

Some City Council members say the traffic light would certainly help, but it's too soon to tell if there'll be any issues near the school. "It's not a foregone conclusion that nothing will happen if there are signals, nor is it a foregone conclusion that something will happen without signals," says Steve Dechant, Hutchinson City Council member

Neil is telling her child to take that extra precautions when leaving school, "make sure that you always stop and you look both ways, but right now, you're going to have to look both ways twice." 

City Council members told KAKE News some businesses have already reached out to see how they can help fund a traffic light at the intersection. We will continue to keep you updated on the project as we learn more.