Back to school tips: How to be ready for the new school year


It can be tough for teachers, students, and parents to make the transition from summer into the new school year. 

For many in Kansas, the first day is quickly approaching. Wichita Public Schools will resume August 14, a week from Wednesday. 

There are a few quick tips that can make getting back to school easier. 

1. Focus on your child's sleep schedule. With the freedom of time in the summer, kids can get off of their school-year sleep schedule. 

It's important to get your child back in the habit of going to sleep and waking up early so when the first day rolls around, they'll be on schedule and well rested. 

2. Read or do math with your child ahead of their first day back in the classroom.

Teachers recommend children continue to reading throughout the summer, but if that hasn't happened, picking up a book or scribbling out a few math problems each day can help the child's brain get back into the learning mode for the classroom. 

Establish a designated area in your home for children to to their homework or read each day. 

3. Reduce your child's first day anxiety by having supplies ready, becoming familiar with the layout of the school, and meeting the teacher. In addition, planning meals and outfits may help the child feel more prepared. 

4. Be up to date on shots and vaccinations. Starting this school year, Kansas schools require two additional vaccinations

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says Kindergarten and First Grade students need two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine. Seventh graders and some juniors in high school need a meningitis vaccine (meningococcal ACWY) before the fall semester begins. 

Students who are not up-to-date on those vaccinations by Oct 12, will not be allowed to return to school. There are exemptions for religious and medical reasons. 

5. Make the first day fun! Have a yearly tradition for the first day of school. This will give the child something special to look forward to on the morning before school starts. A few ideas include making a fun breakfast or having a special treat.