Former K-State great Jordy Nelson retires from the NFL as a Packer

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (KAKE) -- -

Jordy Nelson has officially called it a career. They Riley County and K-State grad was in Green Bay on Tuesday to retire a Packer. 

Nelson went from a small town in Kansas to being one of the best and most consistent wide receivers in the NFL. 

The former Wildcat spent 10 years in Green Bay and one in Oakland. 

During his time in the NFL he piled up 72 touchdowns and 8,587 yards. Nelson was also a champion, he won the Super Bowl in just his third season with the Packers. 

Nelson tore his ACL in 2015, only to come back even stronger. He led the NFL in receiving yards the very next season and was the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2016. 

What was the key for all of his success? Burgers and film...oh and good coaching. 

"I think was very spoiled as a kid with my coaches to be honest with you. In middle school I had a great coach that coaches both football and basketball, and kind of set the foundation of it. Even through high school my coaches were great," said Nelson.

"I guess it started there because during the week we'd go over to our house and we'd order a bunch of cheeseburgers and fries from the local restaurant, we'd have 10 to 20 guys in our basement and we'd put the tape into the VCR and watch film. We'd watch a couple of games that evening and just, I think it must've grew from there," said Nelson. "I remember vividly one evening doing that and we were playing a team that wasn't very good and honestly there was no reason to watch the film, but I still had to, I couldn't go into the game blind."