China will no longer buy any US agricultural products

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Dennis Gruenbacher has been farming his land for nearly 50 years. Over half of his crops are soybean and the trade war with China is causing his family's farm to lose money. 

"Probably the last three years. The incomes have been down and this year it will probably be even a little worse," says Gruenbacher.

President Trump announced over the weekend that he was going to be raising tariffs again on Chinese goods. Now, China is saying it will no longer import any U.S. agricultural products. 

Gruenbacher says this is nothing new to farmers. 

"Well, the China market has been a funny market ever since I started growing beans because they've always wanted everything to be their way." 

"When countries get into trade fights with us, that's one of the first targets, it's normally agriculture. Trade wars almost always impact farmers most negatively here," says Anthony Seiler, the executive director of the Sedgwick County Farm Bureau.

Seiler says many farmers in the area want to see an agreement for free and open trade come quickly.

"Right now we are frozen and hopefully in the meantime, over the course of the next month, our AG negotiators are able to come to some sort of resolution with the Chinese." 

Gruenbacher says he isn't phased by the trade war because part of being a farmer, is being adaptable. 

"I think this is not new for the farmers. I always used to say, you make money for two years and then the next five years you lose money. So the two years that it is good, you've got to make things work."