Cowley County Humane Society evacuates 30 dogs

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With inches of rain coming down in Cowley County overnight, the Humane Society had to call on the community for help to save over 30 dogs from flood waters. 

Katie Lampson got an unusual call from work this morning and she knew right away this was more than her and her co-workers could handle alone, "so we had people helping squeegee water out of the facility, we had pumps going, we had vacuum cleaners going, we had fans going, we were doing everything we could to get the water out." 

The Cowley County Humane Society is no stranger to frequent flooding, but this morning was the first time water actually got into the building. About two to three inches of rain spread quickly into the dog cages. 

Over 100 volunteers came out early Saturday morning to help get the animals to safety. 

Sheri Kennard volunteers at the shelter and is also a board member and she says she isn't surprised with the turnout of help. "I'm proud of our little neck of the woods here," says Kennard, "and that's the way it is down here. We've got a great, the two cities work well together. We've just got great community, great volunteers, i couldn't ask for better as a board member and as a volunteer myself." 

Lampson told KAKE News some dogs even had to swim out to the cars, but she's just thankful they're safe, "our main concern was trying to get the dogs out. Trying to make sure all of our animals in the facility were taken care of. Making sure none of them got harmed, none of them get sick." 

The Cowley County Humane Society still has days of clean-up ahead of them before the animals can get back into the shelter. They are asking for any donations from the public. You can donate by bringing clean-up supplies to the shelter or on Facebook.