Bad year for bag worms, destroying trees and plants

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Some unwelcome guests could be eating their way through your trees and plants, destroying them.

They're called bag worms. They typically hatch on Memorial Day weekend and by the end of the summer, they've left their mark, multiplying themselves with hundreds of little worm eggs in every bag hanging. 

It's been an especially bad year for bag worms. They thrive in mild and wet conditions. 

"You know it's a busy year for bag worms when it's on other things besides just evergreens," says Joanna Ediger, Assistant Manager of Johnson's Garden Center.

Ediger says everybody should do an inspection, and if you find the bags, get your gloves ready.

"It's a really great idea to go out and pick the bags off and dispose of them in a trash can like a sealed lid."

Another option is to spray them with a product like 38 plus from Hi Yield 

"It will stick to the bag, and then give it a chance to absorb in, so that maybe you can kill all those baby worms." 

Getting rid of the worms can even become a family affair.

"It's a great activity for kids. I think we got a penny a bag that we pulled off maybe you pay them a nickel these days to pull bag worms off. Just get the kids involved and make it a fun family activity," says Ediger