Traffic enforcements at high accident intersections

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The Wichita Police Department traffic section will conduct traffic enforcements at high accident intersections. 

This morning, they were at the second highest accident location, Kellogg and Broadway.

"I'm glad they're there 'cause it's very dangerous. I know it's really a miracle that all of us that have worked here everyday haven't been involved in something like that because we see those all the time," said Robin Monroe, assistant manager at Doo-Dah Diner.

In three hours, officers issued 42 citations. Nearly half of them for speeding. 

A dozen drivers were also cited for running a red light. 

A total of three drivers were issued $131.50 tickets for texting while driving. 

"The whole purpose is to improve traffic safety, improve safety for people," said Lt. Stephen Patton, Wichita Police.

The traffic unit plans to do weekly enforcements at high accident locations. You can view the latest list of high accident locations, here

To view a list of moving violation fines and costs, click here.

Most accidents in Wichita occur on Kellogg

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