WPD says most dangerous intersections are all along Kellogg


For years, Kellogg intersections have been known to be dangerous. This year is proving no different. 

New numbers released by the Wichita Police Department show five intersections all along Kellogg had the most accidents this year. 

"We find a lot of people committing a lot of different violations, anywhere from speeding, texting while driving, not paying attention to what they're doing," says WPD Officer, Kevin Wheeler. 

Police say so far in 2019, Kellogg intersections at Seneca, Broadway, Webb, Greenwich and Rock Road are the most dangerous. 

At Rock Road, police reported 40 accidents already this year. 

"When we have so much traffic out there, we want people paying attention to what they're doing," says Officer Wheeler. 

Driver, Joshua Scholl has lived near Kellogg and Rock Road for 20 years, so he says he wasn't surprised when he heard this year's numbers are mirroring last year's. 

"There's a lot of stuff that happens that makes this a dangerous intersection," says Scholl. 

In 2018, Rock and Kellogg had a total of 54 accidents, making an even tie with Broadway and Kellogg. 

"I've actually had one of my vehicles die before in one of these intersections. It's just one of those circumstantial things, but stuff like that happens all the time here," says Scholl.

WPD is telling drivers to be defensive, pay attention and follow the law. 

In all, police have reported 151 accidents in the five intersections so far this year. 

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