Near drowning has Derby residents concerned

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

"She just saw the blood running down his back and so they rushed over there and figured out he had split his head open."

A Derby dad, who has asked us not to give his name, says he also had a traumatic experience at rock river rapids aquatic park.

He says just two weeks ago, his son went down this red slide, cracked his head open, then wound up in the emergency room.

"I don't want a million dollars from them but I don't want to have unnecessary medical bills that we shouldn't be responsible for."

He wishes the water park would make things right.

"They should probably take responsibility and seek them out versus here's a free pass to come back. I didn't think that was very acceptable on their end."

The father claims there is disconnect between what the water park lists as its rules on the website and what employees verbally told his son.

"They explained to my son you know if he would have held his hands behind his head he wouldn't have busted his head open, but then the rules that are posted online that say to cross your arms and to cross your legs. They're not the same rules they're telling the kids to do."

After he posted the experience on his Facebook page, the man says other parents commented with their concerns. 

"You know you make a little post and then it's that was my son on this slide or I broke my hand on that slide or I need stitches from that slide as well."

All he wants is for Rock River Rapids to evaluate its safety measures.

"Something needs to be put in place where they have consistency. You know it can't be one person to another."

Today KAKE News asked the city about safety at the water park, and they gave us this statement:

"Derby is committed to safety above all else at rock river rapids. even with prevention, training and enforcement of rules, accidents can still happen. We regret when children are injured and extend wishes for their speedy recovery."  

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