Tyreek Hill, Chris Jones discuss absences from team on Sunday

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It's been a good weekend for Chiefs fans. Training camp started this weekend, and with it the return of two crucial players, Chris Jones and Tyreek hill. 

Jones missed all of the team's OTA and June optional workouts due to contract disputes. He was thrilled to see his teammates welcome him back with open arms. 

"I mean it's all love," Jones stated. "It's always love in this building, especially with the fans. We have the best fans in the NFL, and our teammates, we're like a brotherhood, we are very close. Getting to meet the new guys on the defense, Tyrann (Mathieu), I respect that guy like no other, the Honey Badger. Five-five, Frank (Clark). We come together as a brotherhood. Whatever is going on outside, we ignore it, and we focus on what we can control right here."
I would love to spend the rest of my career here and I'm quite sure we will work it out. I'm not worried about that; I'm worried about learning the new schemes and plays on this defense."

Tyreek Hill also made his triumphant return to the Chiefs this weekend. 

On Sunday he had the opportunity to address the media and chiefs kingdom for the first time since the NFL ended the investigation into his conduct. 

"It's been great. Me and Coach Reid, like he said, we didn't talk during the whole off season," Hill told the media. "I really didn't talk to anybody but my teammates. It's been great. I know that he would still support me in the background. He would still show me love, I know that because that is just that family connection that we have. I really don't call them my teammates or my coaches, I call them my family because that's who they are. They brought me in as a family. They trusted me, in this organization, and that's what I'm so appreciative of. They gave me a chance at life so I could change my family life, my kids' life and everybody around me. I came from nothing, so I'm very appreciative."