Illegal dumpers cause El Dorado compost site closure

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"I kind of had an idea that this was coming."

For two days now, no one has been allowed in or out of El Dorado's composting site this week, and a local El Dorado man, Jim Kimmer says he called.

"If people kept doing it, they're gonna close it. It's gonna ruin it for everybody," he says.

Kimmer is talking about illegal dumping. He says he's seen it all. Everything from kitchen sinks to toilets in a site meant only for things that are compostable, like leaves, limbs and grass.

Kimmer says the closure is more than just a nuisance. He needs the site for his job, and Friday he had to dump them in a field his company owns instead of the composting site.

"It's really a shame that it's come to this," says Kimmer.

Anything other than yard waste should be taken to the Butler County landfill, which is just around 6 miles from the El Dorado site.

City Manager, David Dillner, says the city has given dumpers chance after chance to follow the rules. It's even enhanced warning signs and made them bigger and bolder.

"We've got clips of people reading the signs, we've got people that are clearly, blatantly dumping illegal materials," says Dillner.

He says the site won't be shut down forever, but the city will continue the closures if it has to.

Police are writing tickets for illegal dumping, and the tickets start at around $150.

The city plans on reopening the site Monday, July 27.

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