Co-workers wake up man sleeping inside burning home

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Some co-workers who reported a fire in Andover Friday morning, probably saved a life.

Flames were shooting out of the back of the home near Central and Andover Road, when the unassuming heroes jumped fences and knocked on windows to wake up the sleeping residents.

"We were like what do we do, do you want me to kick the door down, and then my coworker Bri said yes, do it," says Skyla Thomas-Frazier.

The burning home in the 400 block of North Hillcrest, was just behind where Skyla and Bri Nelson work. They called 911.

"As soon as I got off the phone, my coworker said there's a kid inside. That's when I threw everything."

Skyla says she jumped two fences and knocked on a window, waking up a man who was sleeping in the basement. But she knew a mother and child might be in the other side of the duplex, so she kicked in the door. As it turned out, the family wasn't home.

Rose Hill Fire Chief Jim Woydziak says the damage to the house is estimated around $120,000 altogether, and the cause is under investigation.

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