Wichita Dreams Football Camp aims to motivate Wichita youth

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The 4th annual Wichita Dreams Camp was held at North High School on Friday night. 

It was put on by Kamerion Wimbley who hails from Wichita and played in the NFL for 9 years. 

He was assisted by various coaches plus former and current NFL players like Arthur Brown and Kyle Wilson. 

The group had a chance to speak with the campers at the end and give them some advice on how to achieve their goals. 

"Compete, don't quit," Kyle Wilson told KAKE. "I told them you're not always going to be the best, you're not always going to be the fastest  or the biggest. That was one of the things I went through . So just competing and not quitting for what you want. That's the biggest thing I told these kids today." 

"Learning and understanding how valuable your time is," former K-State linebacker and Wichita native, Arthur Brown said. "How to invest that time to get whatever it is you wanted to get out of it. We've been blessed with the opportunity to do so much. You only get out of it what you put into it. I just encouraged everybody to put all in."