Dam Music Festival ticket complaints

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Erin Richwine, and her husband, Casey, have been planning their trip to the Dam Music Festival in El Dorado since last year.

"Back in October, they had put out a deal on their website, it said the prices won't be any lower than this. Get them now, they're 89-bucks," says Casey Richwine. 

Their group bought more than a dozen tickets, hoping to get the best deal, but months later, they realized they didn't.

"July 4th, all of the sudden prices dropped to 50-bucks."

And promptly after the ticket priced dropped, all ads about the lowest prices being available early were taken down.

"I feel embarrassed for inviting my friends to go to this festival, and they paid full price," says Erin.

KAKE News contacted the organizers of the music festival by phone. When we asked why the prices dropped, the Operations Manager told us a change in ownership was to blame.

"We felt we should give a reduction price to the market to stimulate it...Knowing in mind that there were previously people who had already bought tickets as we know," says Operations Manager, Donnie Frizzell. 

Frizzell says there were always compensation packages in place for these customers, but he also admits that the company didn't tell the public about any compensation until they complained. Because Casey and his wife kept calling organizers, the festival offered them pit passes and additional parking passes to make up for the changes. 

"It makes it a little better. I'm not saying that everything has been taken care of completely," says Casey.

"I would tell each and every person to reach out to them, keep reaching out to them," says Erin. 

KAKE News also contacted the Better Business Bureau about the matter. They said in part, "Misleading advertising can have serious economic consequences, especially when directed toward large audiences or when it takes place over a long period of time."

They've also created a link for anyone who wishes to file a formal complaint against the company. You can find it here.

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