Sports continue in the summer heat

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With a crack of the bat, America’s pastime doesn’t get a break from the heat.

“We get accustomed to it,” one coach said. “You can’t pick and choose your days in the summer.”

Baseball is played during the hottest days of the year – and Thursday night in west Wichita lived up to that seasonal feel.

The heat index was still at 100 degrees as the sun set, something parents of the teens say they’ve been thinking about all day.

“Start early in the morning, start drinking water,” said Jennifer Niemann, a parent of one of the players. “A lot of kids like the Gatorade and they like the Powerades and that’s fine for electrolytes. But really, the main thing is just water.”

Coaches even texted players in the morning, reminding them that their water bottles were just as important as the bats and baseballs. They said they didn’t want their players taking any chances.