Kamerion Wimbley set to host 4th annual Wichita Dreams Football Camp

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Kamerion Wimbley was a star in the football world. He was drafted with the 13th overall pick by the Cleveland Browns and played in the NFL for nine years. 

Since retiring in 2014, the Wichita Northwest grad has made it a goal of his to help and inspire those in his hometown. 

The Kamerion Wimbley Foundation has helped kids in Wichita, and most recently his foundation was the sponsor for the Buster Posey award and the Greater Wichita Area Sports banquet. 

Now it's time for Wimbley to get back on the field. Friday night is his 4th annual Wichita Dreams Football Camp. 

Wimbley was inspired by Barry Sanders' camps when he was a kid. Sanders and Wimbley are two great Wichitans who did great things in the sport, and it seems like each year more and more local athletes join them by making it to the top. 

"We're starting to see more kids come out of this area. We know we have talent, we just want to help facilitate or put together camps, or different tutoring sessions," said Wimbley. "We're working with a gentleman, William Polite to work on the academic side and kind of pair those things together and work on that year around. To help them get to the NFL or to get to college, more so, and if they're talented enough and they do the right things, the NFL."