Delano restaurant broken into overnight, thieves only get away with $8

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It was early Thursday morning, and Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant was completely quiet, until two people shattered the glass of the front door. 

The two ran inside, ripped out the cash register drawer and made a run for it. 

"They run so fast because they threw the pennies and quarters outside," says the owner, Gustavo Hernandez. 

Gustavo Hernandez owns the restaurant. He says a few dollars and some change is all they stole. 

"I go check the register. They took the box, but they don't got no money," he says. 

The did get some money - eight dollars. This isn't the first time Hernandez has had a break in. Five years ago, someone else stole a TV, beer and more than 50 pounds of meat. 

The money stolen Thursday isn't the real loss for Hernandez. He says the real loss is having to spend $1,000 to replace his shattered front door. 

Because the front door was gone in the restaurant, Hernandez didn't have the AC on in the restaurant Thursday. Even through the stress and the July heat, he was still open, cooking for his customers. 

"Nothing's stopping you...Work. No, I like to work," he says. 

If you have any information, or you recognize the two in the video, call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.

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