Independence CC football team stars again in 'Last Chance U'

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Just hours away from the season 4 premiere of Last Chance U on Netflix, the town of Independence, Kansas is equal parts nervous and excited: nervous about how it will be portrayed, and excited for its small town football team to hit the big screen once again.

This isn't the first time the Indy Pirates have starred on the show. With a successful program and a controversial former coach, it's the perfect recipe for TV.
But the town wasn't thrilled with how it was depicted in season 3.

"The way the coach represented, you know - how he dealt with the kids. And that's just not our town. Our town is friendly. We're a tight town."  

Pirates super fan Kale Groff still appreciates his town being put on the map.

"It's honestly kind of cool because now everyone knows who Independence, Kansas is."

The team's new head football coach, Kiyosho Harris, sees the opportunity as a privilege, but he says that it also brings pressure.

"Everybody is looking for what the Pirates are ready to do and what they're going to be about, you know this next upcoming season. It was a rough season for us last year and it's portrayed, you know of course, in the documentary," says Harris.

With a new year, new season, and new faces, Coach Harris says things are looking up for the team, and for the school.

"I'm glad our kids have been able to get the exposure, it's helped out the school. A lot of people know who Independence Community College is now, Know that they have a good football program, know it's a good education, know that we graduate kids," says Harris.