Wichita Police Department enforcing electric scooter rules


Tuesday was day two of scooter mania in Wichita. The Wichita Police Department is enforcing the rules of the scooters, but say most aren't following them.

Wichita Police officer, Larry Carlson was on patrol Monday when electric scooters rolled out. He says day two doesn't look much different than day one.

"It's day two and it's madness...I seen at least 15 scooters in operation, and I don't believe anybody was really legal," says Carlson.

It didn't take long to find more rule breakers. 

Carlson stopped a group of riders. He asked them, "Why do you think I'm stopping you?" They replied, "Probably not supposed to ride them on the sidewalk," they replied.

Sidewalk scooting seemed to be the most common offense, but also the most commonly unknown. Riders told Carlson that the app didn't show anything about not riding on sidewalks.

Carlson says he knows the rules now, but even he has to keep a list of them pulled up in his car. He needs the cheat sheet because he only got the ordinance in the last five days.

"There was probably some thoughts like, what do we do? How are you wanting us to handle this," says Carlson.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions. One of them being how much a scooter ticket will cost.

"I don't think they've made the fine amount yet, or it's not been known to us," says Carlson.

So far, no one with the city we've asked has been able to give us a number, leaving riders concerned with how much they could be facing.

"I was nervous, like he flipped on the red and blue lights, and pulled me over...on a scooter," says one rider.

One fine we are sure of is listed in the ordinance. It states that anyone riding a scooter under the influence could face a fine of $500 if they're caught.