Trader Joe's is coming to Wichita and community members are excited

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Construction crews are working quickly to remodel a vacant building in Bradley Fair and they are turning it into something many shoppers are excited about. "I've been a Trader Joe's fanatic for a while now so any time there is a Trader Joe's that i don't have to drive an hour away for, i'm excited for," says Jasmine Carraway, a new Wichita resident. 

The new Trader Joe's will be taking the place of Fresh Market, which closed years ago. Stephanie Kultgen manages Pier One Imports, he only store still open on the south end of Bradley Fair. "We're the lone wolves down here so it's like we really are excited to get somebody else in and have some new traffic and some new customers brought into our business as well," says Kultgen. 

Even city council members are thrilled about having another option for healthy food and a chance for Bradley Fair to see some new customers this fall. "I think because it's new, it's something different. They offer a different product line that we don't see in some of our other stores. I know that when i go out of town, it's one of the places that i always try and hit," says Becky Tuttle, Wichita City Council member. 

Carraway says she loves shopping at Trader Joe's for their healthy options and their exclusive selection, "I'm not from here and I'm just excited that there's going to be something that i can go to that i actually buy a lot of products from." 

The store doesn't have an exact opening date yet, but the hiring process has already started. The lead contractor on the Wichita store, says a project like this usually takes about four months to complete.