Occupation ICT protest taking place in Delano


Sunflower Community Action and ICTindivisible groups were protesting Friday in Delano in the wake of President Trump's promises for immigration raids.

Among them are two people that have been impacted by what has gone on with Immigrations Customs and Enforcement detention centers and possible immigration raids. One being Devante Garcia, who is a volunteer community organizer for Sunflower Community Action. He said his step brother is an immigrant and is being held at an ICE detention center in Ohio.

"The process with him there is really iffy," Garcia said. "When he first got detained we had no idea, the situation he was in."

According to Garcia their family searched online and sat on the phone for hours trying to find information about where he was and what happened to him, but they didn't receive any answers for a couple days.

"That was my first thought, that he's dead something happened," he said "And we're not going to find him."

Garcia said they eventually found out about his situation and that is the reason he was in the protest. Another person in the group was Sarahi Aguilera, who is a DACA recipient. She said she has been through the process and experienced it first hand, and it was hard for her.

"Just trying to process everything especially when you come here at a young age and just trying to understand the process and how it works," she said. "But it's still not just for everyone."

Outside of protests there are tips being offered by lawyers if people here have family where ICE might come knocking on their door.

"It's best not to answer it right away," said Greg Beuke, an immigration lawyer in Wichita. "Make them show you a warrant before even opening the door and that warrant has to be signed by a judge."

Beuke said it is rare if a judge signs a warrant for this matter. In case it happens, Aguilera said she has a message for anyone that may be under the scope of ICE.

"Definitely be prepared, always have an emergency plan ready to go," she said. "Definitely know your rights, just be aware of the resources and know that you are not alone."

The groups held a similar protest last year but in a different location. Leaders of the groups said they plan to camp out in the Delano district until Sunday.