Wichita City Council approves funding for Riverfront Legacy Master Plan

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The city of Wichita coalition partners are celebrating today after the city council approved funding for the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan.

"So we're excited about the opportunity, i think that's a key-word. We have a lot of potential right now and so we've just got to keep the momentum going," says Darryl Kelly, a local Wichita project manager. 

The money from the city will go to hiring an experienced design team that will craft a plan suitable for proposal. City council members say the plan should be finalized in the next couple of months. 

"Now i think we're at a place where it's ready to take action and this plan is actually helping us figure out what actions should we take and how should things be located on that big footprint that we have," says City Council member Cindy Claycomb. 

This design team will review community input about what will go into the space. Restaurants, art and music are all part of the conversation.

Claycomb says the biggest obstacle over the course of the development will be making decisions about funding, "I would think in the long-term, it may be putting together a business model and a funding model for exactly how we fund these different pieces that we want in this community and figuring out what the community wants."

Coalition partners are focusing on how they can make Wichita a community everyone can love. "So quality of life is huge. We want to make sure that Wichita is not just a place where you can raise your family, it's a place where you can start your family," says Kelly. 

The Wichita coalition partners will be meeting with the Sedgwick County Commission tomorrow and they are hoping for the same result.