Months of flooding still keeping WSU Rowing team out of the river

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The Arkansas River may look calm now, but for months, it's been rushing with overflowing water. 

"Mother nature just doesn't like ya, and you're just gonna back away," says Assistant Rowing Coach for Wichita State University, Rachel Tuck.

Tuck says late April is a crucial time for her team. They were trying to prepare for nationals, but the rain just kept falling.

"It was April 27th. The river spiked really high," says Tuck.

Two months later, and the river is still closed, keeping her rowers out of the water. 

"You never know with mother nature what you're going to get. Being a water based sport, it's just it's always going to be," says Tuck.

The city says it's hopeful that the river will be back open within the next couple of days. To reopen, it has to flow at under 2,000 cubic feet per second. Right now, it's flowing at just over 3,000.

Tuck says whether it's in the water or dry land training, the practice won't stop. 

"This past semester, they've been really awesome honestly. They've definitely got a lot of team bonding from it and coach to athlete bonding," she says.