Wins for Kansas: Kansas Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

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The mission of The Society of Professional Journalists is to encourage the free practice of journalism with high standards of ethics.

"It's a very important time, maybe even more important today than it's ever been to promote good journalism,” says Kansas chapter president, Molly McMillin.

The Kansas chapter of the organization goes even further, making sure Kansas students have the chance to become ethical journalists.

"The big thing that maybe more people know us by is our annual Gridiron show, and through that we raise money for scholarships."

Those scholarships go to students pursuing all avenues of journalism from broadcast, print and now online.

"The industry as you know is changing, so we may not read our Wichita Eagle, but we'll get online. How we consume our news is changing."

To help with their mission of encouraging a free and ethical press, KAKE TV and our partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to them as this week's “Wins for Kansas.”