Wichita woman picks up firework trash in her neighborhood

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A Wichita woman picked up left over debris across the street from her house Friday in east Wichita after children in the neighborhood shot them off to celebrate the holiday.

"This morning I got up and I just cleaned up," said Breanna Watkins. "Trying to clean up a little bit so you know it wasn't too much trash out there for everybody else to come clean."

She lives across the street from Jefferson Elementary School, where there was debris in the parking lot. She said her children were involved along with others shooting off fireworks there. When she woke up the next morning, she said she saw the trash and felt she had to help her neighbors.

"We're a neighborhood we work together, everybody on this block takes care of everybody so we just look out for each other," Watkins said.

She said some of the debris left over was from fireworks that were shot very early in the morning. Even after the explosions into the night and the early morning, Sedgwick County officials say that the night was business as usual throughout the county.

"We did not have an extremely larger number of calls," said Richard Powell, Sedgwick County under sheriff. "We didn't have any calls that were unusual and amazingly so with the holiday it was very peaceful."

According to dispatch numbers for the county, there were 723 non emergency line calls and 1,614 calls to 911. In the previous 3 days before July 4, calls to 911 fluctuated in that area, but non emergency line calls were up by just over 500 calls. However, Powell said these are not for immediate response so he is happy people were being safe this year,

"We didn't know of any significant injuries of any kind either and that speaks for itself that people were really being careful this year, which we truly appreciate," Powell said.

As for July 5, Breanna said people can work together to make areas like the Jefferson Elementary School parking lot clean.

"If you see it, even if you don't live there or nothing clean it up, just pick it up it's that simple," she said. "If we do it as a community, together we can keep our environment clean."