Flooding forces evacuations in Marion County

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The small town of Durham, KS had over 6” of rainfall Thursday morning, leaving only a couple of ways to get around town, including boats and tractors.

“Pretty much the whole downtown area is about 3 feet under water. It's sad. A lot of work. A lot of clean up to do”, said Mike Sorensen, the Mayor of Durham, as he toured the damage on a tractor. 

Randy Frank, the Director of Emergency Management in Marion County said that around 10 homes had to be evacuated due to the flooding.

"We were able to evacuate the folks who were caught in the water down there”, Frank said. 

Anna Maegoertz is one of them. Water completely surrounded her house and she had to be rescued by boat. Maegoertz has lived in durham for 43 years and said this is one of the worst floods she's ever seen. 

"It came up real fast, we had rain during the night… It rose quickly. I couldn't get out. It's amazing that so much water can come up so quickly”, Maegoertz said.  

They are expecting it to be at least a couple more days before the water will be down far enough for them to get an assessment of the damage and begin repairs. Frank has no doubt the town will get through it. 

"These folks will stand up and they'll make it happen and they'll be back up and running real soon”, Frank said. The residents are also optimistic. 

"This is what happens. You know, God is in control. So we'll be fine", Maegoertz said. 

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