9-year-old Kansas girl draws chalk flags throughout community for 4th of July

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A little girl in from northwest Kansas is showing her patriotism this Fourth of July and earning some cash along the way.

At just 9 years old, Rachel Knauer is quite the entrepreneur. WDAF reports Rachel, of St. Francis, has been drawing American flags in chalk for people in her community to start her own business.

Rachel's mom, Karen, told the Kansas City Fox station said it all started last summer when her daughter, who loves to draw with chalk, drew an American flag at her house. Her neighbor told her she wanted one, too. 

And that's just what little Rachel did. But she didn't stop there. 

Rachel wanted to make her chalk flags a business and spread the word on social media. So her mom asked on Facebook if anyone wanted at chalk flag where they live.

About 20 people reached own to get their own. Rachel charged $2 for small flags, $3 medium flags and $5 for large flags. She finished her last four on Tuesday. 

Rachel’s biggest flag was a 7-by-6-foot piece of chalk patriotism at a local fire station. She said her favorite is on she drew on the steps of a teacher's porch.

Rachel said that on top of her fee, she's gotten lots of hugs and tips, too. 

Photos courtesy of WDAF via Karen Knauer, More from Fox4KC