Professional tree trimmer electrocuted after accidentally hitting power line

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A 53-year-old man was electrocuted while working at a home on N. Fairview. Police say he worked for a local tree trimming company, and was in an elevated bucket when he accidentally hit an electrical line. His name was not released.

Rescue crews had to wait before they could even attempt to get the body of Sergio Escalera after he was electrocuted.

"We'll secure the scene but there's no way for us to verify if the lines are live or not, so if they're still energized, we can’t do a single thing,” says Jim Wilson, the Wichita Fire Department Chief Battalion.

The homeowner's son called 911 when the man's co-worker screamed for help. Tree experts recommend calling Westar Energy to disconnect your electricity when trimming trees. 

Charles Edwardson has worked in the business for years and says tragedies like these happen all too often, "It's not worth the risk. It happens more than what people think, I mean it's a pretty high-risk deal."

The Wichita Fire Department urges the public to rely on the professionals and be aware of the power service outside of your home. "Anytime you're dealing with overhead power lines, you don't want to be anywhere close. Electricity is dangerous, that's why you have to be licensed to work on it and you should really know what you're doing."