Invasive zebra mussels found in Kansas fishing lake

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Photo credit: Kansas State University Photo credit: Kansas State University

Kansas wildlife officials say invasive zebra mussels have been found in Lyon State Fishing Lake.

The state Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism has reported recent samples taken from the lake contained zebra mussel larvae. KVOE reports that upon further inspection, officials found a population of zebra mussels.

The 135-acre lake is north-northeast of Emporia on Road 270.

Zebra mussels are usually introduced into lakes after attaching themselves to boats or from bait buckets. Zebra mussels can produce huge populations in a short time. Their vast populations can clog intake pipes, hindering water treatment and other operations that draw water from the lakes.

To help prevent the spread of zebra mussels, wildlife officials remind lake-goers to follow these regulations and precautions:

  • Cleaning, draining and drying boats and equipment between uses
  • Using wild-caught bait only in the lake or pool where it was caught
  • Not moving live fish from waters infested with zebra mussels or other aquatic nuisance species
  • Draining livewells and bilges and remove drain plugs from all vessels prior to transport from any Kansas water on a public highway.

For more information, to report a possible aquatic nuisance species or to see a full list of ANS-designated waters visit