Firework laws in Wichita haven't changed in over 20 years

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Marc Cauthon is working at this fireworks stand in Maize and he sells the big fireworks. "Across the street is Wichita, right here is Maize and you can shoot things high up in the air right here, but across the street you can't," says Cauthon, "It's kind of confusing because all of these communities kind of blend in with Wichita."   

In Wichita, you can only shoot off fireworks producing sparks less than six feet., but in maize and other surrounding areas, there is no limit. The Wichita Fire Marshal says the laws have been the same in the city for more than twenty years . The changes come in new enforcement rules.

"We decided we didn't want to change what was legal, we wanted to see if we could enforce the laws better here. It hopefully had an impact, I know it upset some people, but we don't want to upset you, please just don't shoot the illegal stuff in the city of Wichita," says Stuart Bevis.

Bevis says last year the city wrote more citations than ever before and Wichita residents should be aware of where they live and where they are buying their fireworks, "It makes it really tough on the city of Wichita and that's why we rely on the citizens to make good choices."

Bevis says each citation will cost you 250 dollars and there is no limit to how many one person or resident in Wichita can receive.

Cauthon shoots off fireworks with his kids every year and his only advice is to know and understand the law.

"Shoot it where you buy it is typically what I tell people. In Maize these are legal, if you're going to go to Wichita, you've got to know the rules and the laws in Wichita," says Cauthon.