A woman's pocket book, stolen while she was in her own home

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A Wichita woman's pocket book was stolen out of her own home by a woman who claimed to be a healthcare worker.

Shirley Young is 82 years old and uses a cane and oxygen and home health, but she said was surprised because she hadn't scheduled one for that day. According to Young, the woman came up to her door and handed her and envelope. 

"She said she was from the Catholic Diocese and she was a healthcare worker," Young said. "So, she asked me if she could look around the house and I went with her."

She said the woman was only in the house for just a couple minutes then left. It wasn't until about an hour later her daughter in North Dakota, who helps monitor her banking information called her. It was then she said she realized she had been scammed.

"She just grabbed my pocket book and left," Young said.

According to Young, her pocketbook had $200, her bank and social security card along with various medical cards.Wichita Police posted pictures of a suspect using her bank cards a numerous locations including a Dillon's and Conoco gas station.

"I never heard of anybody doing that before," Young said.

She said she is frustrated because getting around is hard enough, now having to rush to replace the stolen items has caused her pain.

"I had to do all that running around, it just gave me a terrible back ache," she said.

She even missed an appointment for a CAT scan. Young said she is shaken up from that, all while trying to deal with something she's never experienced.

"It's the first time I've ever had anybody come in my house and steal anything," she said.

If someone has information on the suspect they can call crime stoppers at 316-267-2111.