Pretty Prairie gets new water plant after decades of contaminated water

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It's been nearly thirty years since residents of Pretty Prairie have been able to enjoy a safe, clean, glass of water from their tap or faucet.  

Tomorrow, they'll get relief that's been a long time coming.

For decades, their water has been contaminated beyond state and federal standards.

It's believed to be related to farming practices.

"Nitrate fertilizers have been used for 30 to 40 years. It basically goes into the ground water," says Patti Brace, Retired City Clerk.

The city has applied for many grants over the years.

Now it's taking matters into its own hands on a 2 million dollar water treatment plant.

"The city of Pretty Prairie was not able to get a block grant, they're financing the whole thing," says Brace.

This new water isn't just good news for current residents, but also for the future of Pretty Prairie.

"When new people move to town, like I said, they want to make sure the water as good that they cook with that they bathe in, a lot of people think it was cancer causing," says Brace.

Water bills will be rising for residents, but it's an investment Janie Henderson says is well worth it.

"If it makes everybody live longer that's great. We have to do with it what we have to do."

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