Firefighters will continue inspecting fireworks tents

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The Wichita Fire Department will continue to inspect the 30 fireworks stands in Wichita.

There are six inspectors making sure all the tents are safe for customers and employees, and only approved fireworks are sold to the public.

"Safety is the most important thing. That's why we inspect all the fireworks, make sure they pass the inspection, so they can have a fun and safe time," said Lt. James Ake with the Wichita Fire Department. "Also, remind them that if they live in Wichita, buy in Wichita."

Each tent owner is required to pay $1,500 for a permit. 

Funds raised help pay for inspections and enforcement.

"We always ask people to be good neighbors. That's one of the biggest issues we have is that the complaints that we get are people who are shooting after hours, shooting obviously illegal fireworks, not cleaning up after themselves. A majority of our fires happen because of improper disposals," said Wichita Fire Marshal Stuart Bevis.

Fireworks are on sale from June 27 to July 5.