After near-deadly motorcycle accident, couple wants real story out

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Serena Bond and her husband were out for a ride last Friday on their motorcycle when their date night ended with a serious crash.

It happened around 7:30 p.m. near Kellogg and Greenwich Road.

"I remember hitting three dips and then I remember seeing the sky and then I saw the ground, then saw the sky, then saw the ground, so yeah it all happened really sudden, but I mean this car caused the whole thing," says Bond.

She says a friend on the motorcycle behind them saw a newer model white Nissan Maxima with California tags run them right off the road.

"It was like kind of driving erratically. And right as we got up next to it, to go past it, it just jumps right over so he ended up having to go over the curb that's right there and everything got wobbly," says Bond. 

The mom of five had surgery on her leg and can't return to work for months. Her husband fractured several vertebrae, and can barely move. Bond hopes this accident will serve as a reminder to all drivers to pay attention.

"You know it's one of those things, there are so many motorcycle accidents lately and we do everything we can to try to stay out of car's ways. I just wish people would be more attentive to the fact that yes, motorcycles are out on the roadways." 

Bond's father set up a fundraising page for the couple and their family on Facebook and after reading through countless messages from the public about the accident, she wants people to know this was not her husband's fault.

"Like they don't know the real story, they don't know what happened and they want to jump to conclusions and like I said earlier, he did everything he could to try and save us and there was only so much he could do."