Troopers are urging drivers to secure their loads after a pole went through a windshield on Saturday

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After a metal pipe soared right into a windshield on Saturday on I-135 and 53rd street near Park City, officers are urging drivers to slow down and secure their load. In this case, no one was hurt, but troopers say it's an important reminder for all drivers.

Trooper Chad Crittenden says incidents like this happen all of the time, and this one could have been devastating but thankfully there was no one in the passenger seat, "these windshields are strong, they stop a lot of different things, but you know at highway speeds, they can't stop everything."

Some travelers who haul loads often say they won't even risk the drive if the materials aren't completely secure.

"Stuff flies off all the time so people need to make sure they've got everything tied down safely. And you know, if you can't tie it down safely, don't haul it," says Wichita resident Bill Hurst. Hurst hauls truck loads every weekend to and from Newton. 

Trooper Crittenden says he's most concerned for the safety of drivers facing flying debris, especially motorcyclists, "we see a lot of motorcycles this time of the year right now. You know even a small branch from the pick-up or something, if that hits a cyclist in the face at 60-70 miles an hour, that could knock them right off of their motorcycles." 

Some motorcyclists are even taking different routes to avoid any potential disasters. "I've seen a lot of brush lately, not tied down. Be careful, yeah, and watch out for it," says motorcyclist Derrick Southern. 

Officials urge drivers hauling any large materials to avoid traveling at high speeds and take city streets whenever they can.

"If you do have to haul things around, that's perfectly fine, but leave your destination and arrive at your next one with the same things you left with." 

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