Guests at Cheney Lake face high floodwaters on the first day of summer

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Today is the first day of summer, but guests at Cheney State Park found closed roads and submerged structures during their visits today.

Newlyweds Mark and Vicki Disick decided to take a trip to Cheney on their day off work, but when they drove up to their normal camp site, the road was closed and submerged in floodwaters.

"The flooding, it's just incredible," Vicki Disick said. "I mean, places that we camp out normally here, you can't even get to them."

The park was not crowded, but unlike others, the couple doesn't see the flooding as a bad thing.

"It's perfect," Mark Disick said. "For the reason that no else is here, and kayaks don't have to worry about getting the motors or the engines getting caught in stuff."

The Kaiser family, all the way from South Dakota, is celebrating their family reunion at the park this weekend.

"We wanted to come right back here," Samantha Kaiser said. "Kansas is a very beautiful state, and they have very beautiful summers.

Her family was spending their day outside: fishing, barbecuing, and of course, hoping to get in the water. Hoping, only because the road behind their cabin was barricaded as well.

"We couldn't believe still how flooded it was and everything," Kaiser said. "The water level is very high, because we were here, like I said, two years ago, and it was not this flooded or anything."

Overlooking roadblocks and high floodwaters, both parties were trying hard to make the most out of their time outside at the start of a new season.

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